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UL approbation of maxon products




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    Jurgen Oude Booijink

    Thank you for this expanation. It is very helpful.

    Could you indicate the source that states that 15 Watts is the threshold for UL certification?

    Many thanks in advance 

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    Jurgen Oude Booijink

    Dear Mr. Kadafer,

    Can I assume that your statement regarding UL approbation is based on the UL 1004-1 standard?

    If so, this standard states: "A risk of fire is considered to exist if the open-circuit voltage between any two points is equal to or greater than 2500 volts peak, or if power of more than 15 watts can be delivered into an external resistor connected between the two points"

    What happens to the motor when a single fault condition (e.g. short circuit) results in an input of more than 15 watts?

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